Friday, 19 January 2018

VST vs real instruments

Well, at least the default VST instruments of LogicX don't sound good in my opinion. They are something that I would not use when releasing music, but then again I guess they are for midi tracks which help when creating the song structure. Also the small latency from VST or computer based sounds is noticeable. I can notice it when I play, even if it's only couple of milliseconds.

I've moved from Studio One to LogicX, because I had Studio One 2 which isn't updated anymore and it has a strange bug where the first track would always arm itself and you couldn't turn it off. The only way to do that was restart the program. Updating to 3 could have been one way to fix it, but I like the simplicity of LogicX and it doesn't have features that are annoying. Still, sometimes it has problems with CPU power running out (could be with a project that has only one track), but it's momentarily. My Mac Mini has i3 (or i5?) with only 4Gb of memory, but I don't need a lot of tracks anyway.

I'm working on moving songs to LogicX, but didn't figure out how to move midi tracks or was too lazy to find out and I'm practically re-creating midi versions which I should have done first, because when you are in middle of creating the song it's better use midi and not even try to record anything using real instruments. That way it's much easier to arrange the song. Arranging is the hardest part trying to create songs. I have some parts, but you need the whole song.

I recently ordered Yamaha Reface DX, because those 80's sounds could be something I would use. It does sound nice in Youtube videos. I'm probably also going to use it as a midi keyboard, because M-Audio Code25 has less keys. DX has like three octaves and Code25 has two. I'm often running into situation where I would need to go just couple of keys higher. It's quite annoying. But mini keys (of Reface, Code25 has full size keys) are also annoying, so maybe I'll get a bigger controller keyboard some day.