Thursday, 18 May 2017

Zildjian 7A DiP

As a beginner drummer I've tried couple different kind of drum sticks. For me light weight sticks are the weapon of choice. But there are differences between them as well. Some of them like Vic Firth AJ5 American Jazz'es are light weight, but still feel heavy, as if they were falling onto the drum and you had to actively keep them from doing that. Then there are kind of sticks that are extremely light, so that you have to punch them through the air, like Vater BePop 525's.

When I was still playing an electronic set I noticed that Zildjian 5A's were the best of what I had back then. They are bigger than these new 7A DiPs I got today:

7A DiPs feels light in a good way, making it easy to hit with extremely light touch. Proper sticks in my opinion increase the dynamics of playing without having to be really good at it. The handle has some kind of rubber coating which again could be not what you want, but I think they are great, because you don't need to hold the stick as firmly.

The tip is almost round. I've noticed that round tips make cymbals sound thin, but when the stick is this good I don't know if it matters that much.

Either Zildjian makes great sticks or this is just a personal preference, but the difference to other sticks I've tried is clear and it's somewhat surprising when you think that they are just wooden sticks. I'm a kind of drummer who is obviously very sensitive to the instrument and that said sticks are an important part of it.