Sunday, 18 January 2015

Takamine GY93-NAT review

The list price of this chinese made western acoustic guitar is $649,99 but I had it in discount price of 266 euros (-50%). Let me tell first that I've already sent it back to Thomann from where I ordered it and waiting for refund. Let's look at closer why.

It doesn't look bad. It's made of nice woods and is finished quite nicely. There were some small sticky areas on top of the body, but I guess it was something that could have been cleaned off.

The nut is not too bad either, but the action was probably a bit too high.

The saddle action was also high, making total string action pretty high and unplayable, but if you look closely the problem is that D string slot is in wrong place. The picture is not an optical illusion, it's really that bad. They didn't get the string spacing right and you can really feel it. Replacing this kind of split saddle must be painful, because I guess there is no saddles like this ready available, you have to make it from a scratch.

The E-string saddle pin wasn't put in properly.

I could have replaced the saddle, but the biggest issue were the frets. I don't know if you can see it from this image, but they are oddly corroded and very rough. Also they are really flat, leaving even less room for filing and polishing them than normal frets would.

I think the sad thing in this story was that with existing quality control and proper setup this guitar could have been a real playable instrument. I know manufacturers try to cut costs by making lower range guitars in China, but you really need to check out what comes out from the factory. This can't be good for the company, because guitar players always remembers if the guitar of a particular company was good or bad quality.

The guitar has to be properly made even it's the cheapest one there is. Most players know the price ranges and what to expect from the guitar, but if you can't even get the string spacing properly done it's just too much. I don't know what is going on with Takamine, but I know if this kind of arrogant underestimation of customer continues you will soon be another historical manufacturer that probably once was good and respected.