Friday, 21 March 2014

Mac Mini first steps

Somehow MacOS reminds me of Atari ST which is quite nice. It's much like what you would expect an OS to look like and not that Win8 bullshit (or even Win7 which was step back in user interface usability). MacOS is extremely easy to use and Mac Mini is simply noiseless. It produces less noise than regular laptops. How is that even possible? Why can't everyone do the same with the exactly same Intel hardware?

The first test was plugging in Propellerhead Balance which is my USB sound card for studio work. It was more mindblowing than I thought: you simply plug it in and that's it. It just starts to work and appears on sound device list where you can check it as the main input and output source.

There is some kind of problem with displayport and the monitor. I have a Deltaco mini-dp to dp cable and it looks like Mac doesn't always know it's there. The monitor says there is no signal. When this happens I have to scroll through the input choices from the monitor and when returning back to displayport it starts to work. This problem is random and usually everything works just fine. After I ran into this I've been reading about a large number of similar problems with Macs and thinking that I'm almost lucky to have it this easy.

I also got Mac wired keyboard and wired mouse with that small wheel ball thing. I actually like the ball, but some people seem to hate it a lot. I also like the keyboard, but it's not as good as my Filco on PC. One of the things wrong in Mac keyboard is how Return and Delete keys are close to each other and when they rammed nordic keys on it they possibly have made Return narrower which makes it even worse. But in general it's a great keyboard.

The next step will be installing Studio One. Oh man, can't wait all that downloading...