Friday, 8 January 2010

T-Rex Tonebug Reverb

My Laney Lionheart combo has an accutronics spring reverb and those are notorious for breaking up easily. This happened to my amp, too. The reverb didn't break completely, but it started to produce noise after halfway so it became quite useless. I was thinking about options and decided to get a reverb pedal instead of trying to repair it. After all, it could break again.

I previously owned EHX Holy Grail Plus, but there was something wrong with it. When you dial more reverb it starts to take over and sound like a sound coming from underwater. Also, I didn't like the thin, metallic sound. I was looking something more natural sounding reverb.

Tonebug Reverb was sounding really cool in demo video and besides it was one of the few ones you can get under 150€. Compared to many other pedals from T-Rex this one is cheap. I don't know if it's made in China like many other "cheap version" pedals, it doesn't say so in the cover anyway. I don't even care, because this pedal is cool!

It has really simple controls, decay and depth with two reverb models. Modern is more suitable for playing with distortion and it has more reverb power. Spring is a spring reverb model for clean sound. Actually it sounds really weird with distortion when decay and depth are turned more than halfway. Both models are highly useful with all settings. You can dial only slight reverb or get really crazy. The sound is exactly what I wanted. It's natural and thick, really a lot like mechanical reverb.

The pedal can be run with power from 9V up to 12V. I would guess with 12V it sounds even better which is hard to imagine. I'm using 1Spot 9V power source. You can also use a 9V battery, but it lasts only an hour max according to the manual.

I don't really dig the retro style, but the cover is ridiculously thick metal and the knobs feel like good quality. The switch is a silent one, it doesn't make that loud click when you press it.